Bowel Cancer Test

Bowel health is very important for your long term wellbeing.

Bowel cancer is a common condition in New Zealand. It is preventable with timely intervention. Colonoscopy is the gold standard way to check the bowel and is done usually painlessly under sedation. If a pre-cancerous polyp lesion is found then we will remove this at the time preventing you developing bowel cancer in the future.

We have set up a comprehensive all-inclusive package to screen your bowel for bowel cancer and treat any polyps that are found. The cost of this is $2180. The package includes a full colonoscopy and a follow up appointment with your Gastroenterologist and no referral is necessary.

This package is designed for those who are not experiencing symptoms (such as altered bowel habit, rectal bleeding or abdominal pain), who have a family history or just want peace of mind. No GP referral is necessary.

Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is preventable with early intervention. This is what makes it so important to use accurate screening methods to ensure early detection and safeguard your long term wellbeing. The MacMurray Centre offers a comprehensive bowel screening package to monitor your bowel health.

The package includes a full colonoscopy, which is considered the gold standard for bowel screening. It is performed painlessly and under sedation. A colonoscopy can identify both polyps and cancers. A polyp is not cancer, but over years has the potential to develop into cancer. These polyps are usually able to be removed during the colonoscopy procedure.

If cancer is detected during the screening process, the MacMurray Centre can determine the next best steps for treatment, which is usually a surgery known as a colectomy, which is the removal of the primary cancer.

If you are concerned about your bowel health, you can find more in-depth information about bowel cancer symptoms here : BOWEL CANCER SYMPTOMS

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