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The MacMurray Centre was established with a singular, focussed mission – to form a specialist medical facility that can guide patients through the complete journey of digestive healthcare. From timely detection to treatment, to follow up, the MacMurray team will be right by your side providing comprehensive care. We take pride in the fact that we can offer this all from each of our locations, a feature that is unique to the MacMurray Centre amongst New Zealand medical facilities.

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Your digestive health is the cornerstone
to your overall well being

Digestive health plays a central role in overall wellbeing. Whether you are experiencing lethargy, discomfort or more severe symptoms, digestive health needs to be prioritised when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Many digestive tract diagnoses, such as bowel cancer, are curable if detected early. This is why the team at MacMurray Centre not only treats digestive disease but promotes public health and raising awareness. Screening and early detection save lives.

Our team of specialists have all your
digestive health bases covered.

Our specialists and allied health professionals are experienced, accountable and highly trained, leading the way in their areas of expertise. We recognise that medicine is a rapidly evolving field and digestive healthcare is no exception. Whether in relation to diagnosis or treatment, the team at the MacMurray stays up-to-date with research so we can confidently offer you the best care in New Zealand. Furthermore, all our Doctors work in Senior Public Hospital positions. MacMurray Centre is proud to offer the largest multidisciplinary team in New Zealand.

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