Stretta –  a non-invasive, non-surgical reflux treatment.

The MacMurray Centre is a Gastroenterology and Endoscopy clinic in Auckland which leads New Zealand in the treatment of GORD (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease).

We offer an innovative range of tests and procedures that diagnose and treat reflux symptoms without the need or wait for surgical intervention.

The team at the MacMurray Centre stays up-to-date with research, ensuring that you get the latest treatments and the very best care in New Zealand.

All our Doctors work in senior public hospital positions, including the heads of departments at Auckland and Middlemore Hospital.

We accept GP and self-referrals booked directly with the clinic.

What is Stretta?

Stretta is a non-invasive, non-surgical reflux treatment procedure that relieves the symptoms of Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD). 

The procedure reshapes the weak muscle between the stomach and the oesophagus, reducing the need for ongoing medication. 

It is a safe, short outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthetic with a demonstrated history of success. As no surgery is required, most people resume normal activities after just a few days. 

In most cases, the procedure significantly reduces GORD symptoms and can eliminate the need for long-term reflux  medication.

The Stretta procedure is one of the best ways to restore quality of life without surgery.

Is this the right procedure for me?

Stretta is ideal for those who prefer to avoid surgery, who have not had success treating symptoms and/or do not want to use long-term medication. 

Ideal candidates for a Stretta procedure are those who have reached a crossroads in their symptom management and have exhausted other options.

Stretta offers a fast-tracked pathway to relief that is safe with a short recovery time so that people can go back to doing what they love.

The Stretta procedure is also suitable for those who have already had anti-reflux or bariatric surgery but still have GORD and want to avoid further revisional surgery.

Does this sound like you?

I struggle with the symptoms of GORD and know that I have reflux, but I haven’t had a test yet.
A diagnostic test is required to determine suitability for the Stretta procedure. This is the Oesophageal pH impedance study. You can self-refer for this test.

I have had the pH impedance study, and I already know that I want the procedure.
If you have had the pH impedance test and are on a waitlist for surgical intervention, you may be a suitable candidate for the Stretta procedure.

The pros and cons of surgical (Fundoplication) vs. non-surgical (Stretta) procedures:


  • The success rate for surgery is 95%
  • Surgery is higher-risk and invasive
  • Surgery leaves scars and changes your anatomy permanently
  • It requires time off of work
  • It requires time off from heavy lifting
  • Long and uncomfortable post-surgery recovery
  • The benefit of surgery reduces after approximately 10 years
  • Repeating the surgery is technically more challenging.


  • The success rate for Stretta is 75% complete success with 90% improvement post-procedure
  • Short recovery with minimal days off
  • Normal activities can resume in a few days
  • Stretta is safe and non-invasive, with no scarring
  • No hospital stay – Stretta is an outpatient procedure
  • Short wait times.

Meet Our Team

Judy Huang

Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist and Endoscopy Training Lead.

Judy is one of the leading pioneers in performing Stretta procedures in New Zealand.

Her extensive expertise includes diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal failure, coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

A committed educator, Judy is also the Endoscopy Training Lead at Middlemore Hospital.

Alasdair Patrick

Gastroenterologist and Director of MacMurray Centre.

Leading Gastroenterologist, Dr Alasdair Patrick, introduced the Stretta and Restech procedures to New Zealand in 2020.

His considerable international experience saw him as a Consultant Gastroenterologist in the UK and Singapore.

He returned to the CMDHB in 2007 and founded the MacMurray Centre in 2009 – the largest and only comprehensive endoscopy and digestive disease service in Auckland

Anurag Sekra

Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist.

New Zealand-trained Gastroenterologist, Anurag, has international and local New Zealand medical qualifications and training.

He has a broad range of experience in all aspects of gastroenterology. With a particular interest in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, as well as newer endoscopic imaging techniques like chromoendoscopy and virtual chromoendoscopy, and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

Improve your quality of life, quickly and safely

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Payment Options
Most private medical health insurers will cover the costs of the Stretta procedure, except for Southern Cross. Depending on your specific requirements, our clinic may be able to offer a payment plan. Speak to our friendly team, who will walk you through your options.

Do you Qualify for Stretta?

    Do you have any of the following ongoing reflux symptoms?

    Chest pain
    Problems swallowing
    Bitter taste in the mouth
    Dry cough
    Sensation of a lump in the throat
    Voice change

    Do you have any of the following?

    Bleeding disorder
    Oesophageal varices or known significant liver disease
    Current pregnancy

    Have you had your pH/Impedance test?

    Are you willing to use your health insurance or self pay for a pH/impedance study ($1240)

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