Liver Health Checks

Do you have concerns about your liver health or have you had abnormal liver tests?  Do you have a liver condition or abnormalities on your immigration medical and wish to apply to live or work in New Zealand?

The liver is a very important organ.  Liver symptoms can often be non-specific and insidious. Fortunately even damage done over many years is often reversible.  Liver conditions can have serious long term implications for your health and wellbeing.  Abnormalities of blood tests may be the first sign that you are at risk of complications of liver illness.  At the MacMurray Centre we have dedicated liver experts (hepatologist’s) who have detailed knowledge of all aspects of liver disease and access to the necessary investigations to determine the underlying problem and give you a comprehensive management health plan.  If required, we can quickly gather the information needed to write a comprehensive immigration medical report on your condition allowing your immigration application to proceed as fast as possible.