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About Bowel Cancer

Katie Simpson

Background and Professional Interest Areas:

Katie works with patients suffering from a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions. These may be surgical, organic or functional in nature.  

Psychology has a major role to play in gut health. This can include the generation, maintenance and exacerbation of symptoms. Living with a gastrointestinal illness can also impact our mental health and quality of life. Psychological support can help to reduce symptom experiences, reduce distress; and improve coping and quality of life.

Some of Katie’s areas of experience include but are not limited to: irritable bowel syndrome, bariatric psychology, abdominal pain, stress management, depression and anxiety, gastroparesis and pancreatitis. Katie also has experience working with patients with diabetes and renal failure. 


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology (University of Auckland)
  • Master of Health Psychology with first class honours (University of Auckland) 
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Auckland)


Current Employment:

  • Auckland District Health Board – Psychologist for General Surgery and Trauma 
  • The MacMurray Centre – Psychogastroenterology



  • New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS)
  • Australian and New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society (ANZMOSS)
  • The Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS)
  • The Rome Foundation Division of Psychogastroenterology


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